Experimental Films

After us the desert 1966


Tell me where you stand ...

weiter 1968

Experimental scenario in which a dream is translated into the factual language of the film.

For weeks a man and a women have lived in an atomic shelter. They have no idea what is happening outside: war or peace? There are no more cigarettes, no more matches, almost no more air. The situation is hopeless. To the monotonous sound of the hand-driven ventilator, the pictures unfurl a carefree, bourgeois past.

Fortschritt - Nach uns die Wüste 1966

An early film about the main topic of our days: the ecological desaster.

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The Congress of Penguins

Sag mir, wo du stehst... 1971

Experimental and ideological film of reflexion centering on the dying out of the American Indian, in the form of a television spot.

In form, an attempt to depict the reality of the genocide of the Indian as it is for us: a reality of the media, a reality of the screen.

No white man can ever be exempted from historical co-responsibility for the extinction of the Indian peoples.

"In this 5-minute long, trenchant collage, "Tell me where you stand" H.U.Schlumpf contrasts disparate pictures to make clear the reflections lying behind systematic extirpation of the Brasilian Indian. It is, for the greatest part, respectable economic interests which have, for centuries, made the white man the oppressor and exploiter of the coloured peoples". Arnold Fröhlich in the AZ

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