Journey to the
  Congress of Penguins

    The making of...  1993

Technical data: BETA SP / Farbe / 50 Min. / D,E / DVD

To the Congress of Penguins

TV-Documentary on the adventurous filming of The Congress of Penguins in the Antarctic.

It all started with a vision of a lonely glacier island, inhabited only by penguins, seals and sea elephants. Up until the beginning of this century, human beings had come there and built seven whaling factories. Within 50 years they had slaughtered 170,000 whales. Then, when there were no more whales, they went away, just leaving those factories standing there - as if they would return the next day. My vision was to make this picture of destructive greed the main theme of my feature film
The Congress of Penguins.

The island really does exist and it belongs to the Sub-Antarctic. It is called
South Georgia and can only be reached by ship. After sear-

ching for quite some time, we finally find a sailing ship that will take us the 2,100 kilometers across the open sea: the yacht's name is "Sol" - for the sun - and it is manned by an American crew.

Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf
Urs Siegenthaler. Dieter Meyer
Hans-Ulrich Schlumpf
Rainer Trinkler
mit Schweizer Fernsehen DRS
TV Editor
Martin Dörfler

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